April 節慶 復活節 Feast: Easter (and Great Lent)

2020年聖週及復活節時刻表 /2020 Holy Week and Pascha Services (Time Table)

 4月11日,10:30  聖餐禮:紀念拉撒路復活
April 11, 10:30 am  Liturgy: Lazarus’s Saturday

4月12日,10:30  聖餐禮:聖枝主日/棕櫚主日
April 12, 10:30 am  Liturgy: Palm Sunday

4月13日,19:30pm  聖週一:新郎儀式及晨禱
April 13, 19:30 Holy Monday: Bridegroom Service

4月14日 聖週二19:30 新郎儀式及晨禱
April 14 Holy Tuesday, 19:30 pm Bridegroom Service

4月15日 聖週三19:30 pm 敷聖油儀式
April 15 Holy Wednesday 19:30 Sacrament of Holy Unction

 4月16日 聖週四 10:30am  最後晚餐紀念儀式(晚禱及聖餐禮)
April 16 Holy Thursday 10:30 am, Last Supper (Liturgy)
19:30pm 基督受難紀念儀式(誦讀福音書:基督釘十架)
19:30 Holy Passion service

4月17日 聖週五 15:00pm 佈置花葬(耶穌的墳墓) Decorating the Epitaphios
19:30pm 晚禱及哀歌(紀念耶穌的死亡)The Funeral of Jesus service

4月18日 聖週六  9:00am  耶穌基督降至陰間(晚禱及聖餐禮)
April 18, 9:00 am Holy Saturday, the descent into Hades of Jesus Christ

4月18日,19:30pm 復活節:復活節晨禱及聖餐禮
April  18, 19:30 pm Pascha service

Under the terrible virus circumstances, all Orthodox, in TAIWAN, are welcomed to participate in the holy communion, no matter all sad situations of the past, all those who loved and those who were against our church, to receive holy communion and celebrate the holy resurrection, in Jesus love. Please inform your friends etc…
2.我們聖禮儀將停止頌唱,我們將以朗讀請大聲清楚朗讀(但不需要頌唱),請戴上口罩,包括我在內。 我們拿下口罩只為前來領受聖餐。
We must care for the others, and try not to give any scandal to anyone. Remember, many orthodox countries will not celebrate easter usually at all, but we must celebrate, even for them.
1. All must wear a mask, during all services.
2. We stop the singing, we will read all clearly aloud,( but no singing ) wearing masks, including me, to reduce the risk. We take out masks only for the holy communion.
3. At the entrance of the church, we disinfect our shoes, and hands, and check our temperature.
Please stay wise and care for the others first, and of course ourselves.
Do not take the mask away from your face, especially if you cough.
After Easter, we will come to the old ways and better than before
4月19日 無聖禮儀  (聖禮儀已於4月18日晚間舉行)
April 19, No Liturgy
 (it was on Saturday night)


聖禮儀 Liturgy :每週日 上午 10:30~12:00  Sunday 10:30 am~12:00 am 您若想進一步了解正教會,或欲受洗,聯絡方式:church@orthodox.tw 或來電 02-82189009 與我們聯絡,感謝您!