Mind Map

Mind Map

Sacraments-Mindmap 聖事—心智圖

東正教教會聖事 orthodox sacraments maps. the fist map as picture. the other as dynamic map , please press the nodes to collapse expand.
study enjoying, or enjoy studying orthodox theology

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Mind Map

祈禱 Prayer (心智圖)

pray1prayer mindmap
an orthodox suggestion for prayer.
please drag and move , and press the symbols of + or - to enlarge to see better, or reduce.


聖禮儀 Liturgy :每週日 上午 10:30~12:00  Sunday 10:30 am~12:00 am 您若想進一步了解正教會,或欲受洗,聯絡方式:church@orthodox.tw 或來電 02-82189009 與我們聯絡,感謝您!