Liturgy Dec/24 ,2017 9:30 am ~11:00am

聖禮儀 聖誕主日 2017年12月24日   9:30 am~11:00 am

Dec/24, 2017 (Sunday) Christmas Eve: 8:00 pm~10:00 pm .

2017年12月24日 聖誕夜 週日 晚上 8:00 pm~10:00 pm

Chrismas great vespers and matins, in English & Chinese. 晚禱與晨禱


Those who want to receive the Holy Communion, are kindly advised to be prepared spiritually according to the Orthodox traditions.

According to the orthodox church typikon, because Chrismas day is Sunday, on Chrismas eve we do not celebrate divine liturgy, and it is fasting day.