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聖母懷抱耶穌 The Holy Mother Holding in Her Bosom the Baby Jesus




深奧,因為聖像畫對我們述說著我們必須成為耶穌的母親,正如祂所說。耶穌必須在我們裡面,並在我們裡面成長。看,聖像畫中聖母的手勢,所指向的位置。看,聖像畫中的聖母睜大雙眼凝望著你,彷彿對你述說著「 看,這也是 『你的』兒子」。看,耶穌凝望著祂的母親。



The meaning of this icon.

The Holy Mother holding in her bosom the baby Jesus is very deep and beautiful.

Deep because the icon says to us that we must be mothers of Jesus, as He said. Jesus must be inside us, grow in us. See the movements of the hands in the icon, where they point. See the eyes, big, of the Holy mother gazing at you, like talking to you to say “see, this is YOUR son also”. See Jesus gazing at His mother.

The Holy mother achieved this in a unique way.

But we must allow  Jesus to enter to us, not only as faith in our mind but really to be inside us as it is not me but Jesus in me. we do this by the Holy Communion and the other sacraments of the Church.

~Fr. Jonah


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