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愛,戰勝宿命 Love Overcomes the Destiny




許多人誤解甚至相信宿命主導我們的生命。他們祝福彼此好運。但重要的並不是我們如何理解好運,也不是創造關於好運的理論,而是我們是否能夠戰勝命運,藉著 神的愛,使生命成為珍貴的經歷。即使工作不如意,我知道神的愛仍然臨到我,永遠不會離我而去。我可以倚靠這愛,改變命運。甚至如果我所愛的人背叛了我,我 倆仍然都在神的愛中,倚靠這愛,我們可以重建生命。這充滿力量的愛,帶給我們希望。

“誰能使我們與基督的愛隔絕呢? 難道是患難嗎? 是困苦嗎? 是逼迫嗎? 是飢餓嗎? 是赤身露體嗎? 是危險嗎? 是刀劍嗎?……然而, 靠著愛我們的主, 在這一切的事上已經得勝有餘了。”(羅馬書8:35、37)



The love of God, and to love in God overcomes the fate.

So many people , misunderstand and consider that fate dominates our life. Good luck they wish to each other. But important is not how we understand the luck, we make theories about it, but if we can overcome it, if I can make it a precious experience, by the love of God. Even if I fail to my job , I know the love of God is still on me, will never abandon me. I can accept it and use it to change. Even if I love somebody and betrays me, still we are both in the love of God and by accepting it we can rebuilt our lives. This powerful love gives us hope.

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?……Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.”(Romans 8:35、37)

Do not think about fate, meditate on the love that God loves you.

~Fr. Jonah


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